Title Card

AD Vs. Armageddongee is the Seventh Installment of ERBOW. And the second installment of Season 2. It has AD, the Awesome Weegee, rapping against Armageddongee, the Great Emperor.





AD: Here it's AD!

I heard how you rap, like a goose!

And now all i know is that you're idiot as a moose! 

Your stupid Kingdom can kiss my Ass,

'cause i'm  Awesome, DUDE!

(That's Known!)

Armageddongee: Heh, you thought we were friends but that's not for sure!

I will rip-off your head and kick it off a mountain like a ball!

Thanks to your wife you were hated by EVERYONE!

I conquered nine Galaxies,one Universe and two Planets,

While you're just sit down on a chair and play with a square world!

AD: I see you're mad, Armageddongee!

What's wrong? Lost the Arlic War?

You think you're a conquerer, but you're only a loser!

Or i'll say, hooser!

You look like someone who just made a mess with his clothes!

Just two colors? What a creativity for you?!

You don't have even a symbol on your hat!

That's what i would call a BITCHSLAP!

Armageddongee: I see you think i am evil...

I guess you didn't meet X-Fortyseven!

My Army makes yours look like a bunch of retarded fairymen!

I've not a symbol on my hat,

but i've got no red eyes!

What happened to you!? I knew you smoke weed!

But for ending like that you're really a sheet!

Now shut up,you and your rhymes, you couldn't do less!

And now just bow down to my greatness!