Sylvester Duke Sullivan battled Jareck Smith in Felix vs Jareck. He was portrayed by Suicidemouse.avi.

Character InfoEdit

Sylvester Duke Sullivan (known as Felix the Cat123 on Wikia) is a user/spammer on Weegeepedia who is most known for being a "cat" and hating FNaF. His best friend is Jareck and he is usually troll bait.

Age: Says he's 13 in cat years.

Height: A normal 13 year old cat is around 0'6-1'0

Weight: N/A


Felix: I got all my accounts coming at you, but I a'int part of the AMFA's party, and if you wanna fight me I'll bring the Nazi's.

I'll kill ya and make you kill yourself, now excuse me, I'm gonna watch suicide mouse.


  • He is the first Felix to rap in an ERBoW.
  • He is the first male character to rap.
  • He is the first animal in ERBoW.
  • Although he's a cat, he is a mouse in Felix vs Jareck.